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As a bright, innocent, smiley and starry eyed four year old my world was turned upside down when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. In that moment I was given

two choices, to view and experience my future as one of struggles or to place my health as my number one priority henceforth enabling me to have a future full of boundless potential, opportunities and happiness.

I chose the latter, however years of continuous perfectionism, measuring and counting quickly caught up to perfectionism on more of a physique and body image level.  In this state of mind however health takes a back seat and mental health becomes a bigger topic of conversation.

Following the realisation that trying too hard led to counterproductivity and a weaker state of being, I pursued to educate and knowledge myself on the physical, nutritional and psychological counter parts of being the strongest, healthiest, happiest version of you.

Advocating a balanced overall wholesome approach to eating proper nutritious food, I can hold testimony to the fact that no matter what state of health you are currently in, it is entirely within your reach to become the person youve always dreamed of being, achieve the things you never thought possible and hold a presence in any area of your life that only attracts bountiful and prosperous opportunities and positivity.

Through simple, easy to follow and familiar nutritional advice Haeloo Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching steers its clients from obsessiveness and more towards a clear perspective of the ingredients that form the recipe to success.

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