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Excel in your sport

When your passion is your ability to exceed expectations when it comes to competition and performance, your nutrition cannot afford to lag behind.

Haeloo Nutrition specialises in coaching athletes towards optimising their performance and recovery-fuelling for the work required. Not ignoring mindset and adherence, Haeloo Nutrition also uses behavioural coaching techniques to help you with overcoming barriers and obstacles to achieving peak 'nutrition' performance.

Together we will work on:

  • Peri performance nutrition (Pre and post)

  • Training nutrition

  • Endurance and Intermittent high intensity performance nutrition

  • Training the Gut for optimal performance

  • Travel nutrition

  • Nutrition for strengthening the athlete's immune system

  • Recovery nutrition protocols

  • Personalised macro nutrient guidance

  • Optimising body composition

  • Optimising recovery

  • Supplementation guidance

Price on consultation

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