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British Cycling Guide to Nutrition

Cycling is fairly unique as a sport in that it’s relatively easy to keep fuelled while you’re doing it. You can carry a veritable picnic in your jersey pockets and this makes incredible feats of endurance possible. However there is a lot of confusion and misinformation about how best to fuel your riding and how to use nutrition to optimise your cycling performance. Working with the riders on the Great Britain Cycling Team, it’s only with solid nutritional support that they’re able to consistently train and perform at the highest level. Similarly, if you fail to fuel your cycling correctly, you’ll be compromising the quality of your training and limiting your performance on event day. In this E-book, we’ll focus on fuelling for a sportive or long training ride. We’ll look at the day before, breakfast, eating on the bike and how to utilise nutrition to maximise your recovery. We’ll also discuss considerations for vegetarian and vegan cyclists, weight loss and supplements. With this information, you’ll be able to plan your perfect nutritional strategy, refine and practice it in training and then implement it on event day. Eat right and ride strong!

The Fundamentals of Cycling Nutrition
Download • 8.58MB

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