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How to reach your goal quicker!

When often we set a weight goal we dont actually understand it. How can we strive for something that is based on a false judgement of sucess or failure. Often times people state a weight goal to reach in order to be 'successful' -THIS IS NOT A GOAL-this is a metric!

We place our capabilities, esteem and confidence on this judging number. But the real measurements of progress should be the emotions linked to this goal- of a higher sense of emotional awareness and regulation.

Focus on these feelings-what choices on the journey make you feel closer to reaching this state of being- does eating a healthy meal make you feel better about yourself, your willpower, discipline, motivation, commitment?

Does performing a workout make you feel invincible, unbreakable, stronger, more determined?

Focusing on these habits and behaviours is essentialy tying a rope around the end goal and pulling it closer, choice after choice, action after action.

Remember - Emotions are linked to thoughts. Thoughts are linked to actions!

Make sure when setting a goal you focus on the real pinacles of transformational change and not a stagnant numerical value!

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